"I find this to be an enthralling work because of the duplicity of its austere economic form, and allusion to time and physical if not metaphysical erosion.   The Great Divide is enigmatic in its masterful manipulation of materials- there is evidence of superior craftsmanship, but also unexpected concurrence of visual elements.   The elliptical shape of the piece is like skewed perfection- a circle out of correct alignment.   And yet the “imperfection” of the interior entropy reveals an inner, unspeakable truth.  The substantial proportions of the object no doubt confront the viewer on human scale. I am appreciative of the side view, which also reveals exquisite technique.  But the smooth bend of the edge is also reminiscent of utilitarian objects- clocks, or precisely calibrated musical instruments.  All of your work is thought provoking, but I find this piece piques and holds my interest the longest as I weigh its possible function, and reference to geographic occurrences and culturally great divides." - Kristen T. Woodward, Professor of Art, Albright College, Reading, PA